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City of Angels

A Rose Bruford College Production

Performed at Stratford Circus Art Centre

Spring 2019

Designer: Caitlin Whitaker

Director: Alexandra Spencer Jones

Costume Supervisor Charlotte Pierce

Performed by final year actor-musician students, this production of Cy Coleman's musical was the first to be adapted and performed by actor-musicians. 

Set in 1950s Hollywood, the musical chronicals the journey of a novelist turned screen-writer as he navigates Hollywood for the first time, and simultaneously the exploits of his fictional lead character, an private detective...

Katie Helen Unwin was a costume maker for this production. She pattern drafted and constructed Alaura Kingsley's (played by Jessica Jolleys) black and white skirt suit. 

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Alaura Kingsley's Outfit on Stage
skirt and jacket drafted and constructed by Katie Helen Unwin. Photos by Robert Workman.

Drafting Alaura Kingsly's Outfit
cutting the jacket pattern on the stand

Production Shots from "City of Angels"
photographer: Robert Workman

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