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La Rondine


a conceptual design

Spring 2021

des. Katie Helen Unwin

dir. Ben Davies


In post-war Paris, Jewish refugee Magda is imprisoned by her debt to wealthy film producer Rambaldo, until one night she invents an alter ego, Paulette, and escapes to the Bullier's club. Here she meets the handsome young Ruggero and runs away with him...

Lisette Bulliers
Magda Bulliers Dress - Copy
Prunier Coat
Ruggero Suit
Ramboldo Act 1
Prunier act 1 and 2

Ensemble Moodboards

La Rondine: Making Magda's Bullier's Dress

Anchor 1
Magda Bulliers Dress - Copy.jpg

Magda's Bullier's dress is inspired by the styles of the 1940s, a decade earlier than the opera's setting. 

It was flat drafted from scratch, using a basic bodice block as the basis. 

The dress is made from a royal blue wool crepe and features hand-beaded wings on the shoulders, a nod the the opera's title "la Rondine" or "the swallow." 

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