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A Christmas Carol

Professional production at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Written by Gary Owen

Directed by Joe Murphy
Designed by Hayley Grindle

During the 2021 Christmas season, Katie Helen Unwin was a costume maker (carrying out pattern cutting, making, alterations during the prep period), and dresser (responsible for all dressing, costume maintenance and laundry during the run) on the Sherman Theatre's adaptation of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

The Sherman's iconic adaptation moved the classic story into Victorian Cardiff. The play drew  inspiration from welsh traditions, epic puppetry, plenty of pop culture, and original music to create a critically acclaimed family production. 


Production Shots (Copyright Sherman Theatre. No Copyright infringement intended.)

Katie drafted the patterns for the Ghost of Marley's trousers and waistcoat, worn by actor Keiron Self (pictured right), along with undertaking a number of costume alterations. 

She was also responsible for compiling the show's dresser plot. 

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