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UriNeTowN: tHe mUsicAL

A musical comedy set in the post-apocalyptic near future. Water is in short supply and so, in an effort to reduce water, the government have put strict law into place against private bathrooms. And if you can't afford to use a public amenity, there's a serious price to pay...

A Richard Burton Theatre Company Production

Performed at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Summer 2021

by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann

dir. Kirk Jameson

costume des. Katie Helen Unwin

set des. Bethan Wall


Hope v 4.jpg
poor 1.jpg
InkedPennywise 2_LI.jpg
Little Sally v2.jpg

Costume Designs

The inspiration behind the costume design was a grounding in the fashion of 1950s Chicago and influenced heavily by the iconic and fantastical aesthetic of film director Tim Burton. 

Soupy Sue.jpg

A Backstage View...

Production photos: Celia Favorite

Backstage Photos: Sacha Van Zutphen

Thankyou to: Sacha Van Zutphen, Aidan Biddiscombe, Celia Favorite, Anastasia Crossley, Ariadna Bosch Clavero, Allie Edge, and all the production team. 

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